BioX® Granule

Product Description:

BioXTEND BioX® GRANULES - media for ethylene absorption and mold control
BioX® Granules & Media are a perfect combination of engineered highly porous 3mm Ø spheres made of clay minerals mixed with powerful oxidizing agents. Our products take the ethylene gas out of the air to slow down the natural decay process of fruits, vegetables and floral. BioX® Granules also control molds and rots, kill bacteria and remove odors.

Our BioX® Granules have proven to absorb more ethylene gas than any other brand, domestic or internationally; and showed to be the most water-repellent filter vs. competition, thus avoiding dripping and staining of containers and cargo.


The BioX® Pellets are a perfect combination of extremely porous alumina beads mixed with Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4). Our products take the ethylene gas out of the air to slow down the natural decay process of fruits, vegetables and floral. BioX® also controls molds and rots, kills bacteria and removes odors.
BioX ganule spheres

BioX Spheres

BioX® Spheres for Ethylene Filters & EthylGuard Filtration Units
BioX Fine

BioX Fine

BioX® Fine Product for Ethylene Sachets

National Organic Program

BioX® Granules are produced in the USA under strict ISO9001:2015 registered Quality Management System. Traceability, quality checks and records are enforced at all production and assembly levels.

BioX® Granules in their porous containers are non-invasive nor contaminant and therefore approved for organic crops under European regulation EC 834/2007 and American Regulation N.O.P.


  1. Physical Adsorption: Particles and microorganisms are being attracted and captured inside the structure of the alumina beads specially designed to offer a great surface of attraction.
  2. Disinfection: Potassium Permanganate is a natural anti-microbial agent with a pH of 9.2, much too high for the bacteria to survive a physical contact with the product.
  3. Oxidation: Potassium Permanganate is an effective oxidizing agent of the ethylene and other primary contaminants such as Acetaldehyde, Ethanol, Sulphur compounds (H2S, SO2…) and a broad range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
BioX® oxidizes the ethylene gas with oxygen, converting the pellets into an organic fertilizer (3CH2CH2 + 12KMnO4 = 12MnO2 + 12KOH + 6CO2). Unlike most other products on the market there are NO disposal problems with our BioX® Pellets. Our Granule is approved by the FDA and organic compliant.

Key Benefits

  • • Controls Ripening
  • • Regulates ethylene levels
  • • Reduces decay and waste
  • • Increases storage and shelf life
  • • Gets rid of airborne microorganisms
  • • Controls odor cross-contamination
  • • Maintains fruit pressure
  • • Helps complying with HACCP requirements
  • • Organic compliant & FDA Approved
  • • Cost-effective, safe, and user-friendly
  • • World-class technical support

Produce Friendly

The BioX® PELLET is never in contact with the commodities whatsoever, and therefore it is not an additive (no residue) and it is organic compliant. The exhausted residue is environmentally friendly (mostly Manganese Dioxide MnO2) and may be discarded in the regular trash.