BXT100 Filters for Transit

Product Description:

BioXTEND® BXT100 & BXT75 - cylindrical single-use ethylene filter. Designed to remove ethylene gas, bacteria and mold from fresh cargo in reefer containers and trailers. Our BXT Ethylene Filters are customizable in length to fit any specific needs.



National Organic Program

BXT Ethylene Filters are allowed for use with organic crops under European regulation EC 834/2007 and American Regulation NOP (National Organic Program): View Ecocert Certifications

BXT Ethylene Filters contain non-invasive and non-contaminating minerals and salts. The exhausted residue produced by the absorption/oxidation of ethylene gas and other contaminants is eco-friendly. It can be dumped with the regular trash. Alternatively, it may be used as organic fertilizer – brown residue is mostly composed of manganese dioxide.

Our high performance BXT filters are packed in cases of 9 unit. Each unit contains two zip ties per filter for easy installation into most environments and are individually wrapped in a thick & airtight plastic sleeve for long term storage.


At BioXTEND, we take quality control seriously. Each bag and every case holding is affixed with a detailed quality control label featuring the following important information:

BioXTEND Quality Control Label
  • Product Description & Quantity
  • Product Reference
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Granule specs

Key Benefits

  • Extremely cost-efficient, safe and user-friendly
  • The in-transit atmosphere is kept free of bacteria, ethylene and fungi spores.
  • Freshness, original color and weight of produce are maintained and shelf life is extended
  • Environmental pollution, crossed contamination and odor contents are strongly reduced.
  • Mold development is contained.
  • High performance filtration: does not slow down container airflow
  • Upscale Absorption Capacity certified by independent lab
  • All our components meet ISO9001/2015 standards. ISO QMS enforced

Custom printing is available for control & traceability

Product Specifications:

Product Length Weight C2H2 Absorption Capacity
BXT100 100 cm - 39 1/2 in. (+/-2%) 4.7 cm - 1.85 in. (+/-2%) 1050 gr - 2.3-lb (+/-5%) > 5 Liters per Filter
BXT75 75 cm - 29 1/2 in. (+/-1%) 4.7 cm - 1.85 in. (+/-2%) 765 gr – 1.68-lb (+/-5%) > 3 Liters per Filter

Instructions for Use:


Easily Install BioXTEND BXT Filters The fully disposable BXT100 filters should be located in the area where the greatest air passage is. They are best located on the air-return grid of the cooling system or below air guide behind door. They may as well be used in ships' holds.
Fitting the filters onto the air-return grid with the two zip-ties supplied in the sleeve, is a quick, safe and user-friendly operation.