Sachets BXTS

Product Description

BioXTEND® BXTS 3-5-10 - Single-use Ethylene Sachets. Designed to remove ethylene gas, bacteria and mold from boxed produce and flowers. Three standard sizes: 3gr, 5gr and 10gr. BXTS Ethylene Sachets are customizable in weight and dimensions to fit any specific needs.

BXTS Ethylene Sachets are the best assurance you can get against poor arrivals. A single sachet per case protects the commodities continuously from the packing line to the final destination.



Programme biologique national

• Approved for use with organic crops by the N.O.P./USDA Organic - and the EU
• OMRI listed
• Food grade packaging approved by the FDA and the EU
• Highly porous and 100% recyclable
• Resistant to water, breakage and U.V.
• The exhausted content is eco-friendly and may be discarded with the regular trash



Our BXTS Sachets are OMRI Listed. They may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program regulations.

Avantages clés

  • The in-transit atmosphere is kept free of bacteria, ethylene and spores
  • Freshness, original color and weight are preserved
  • Shelf life extended
  • Mold development contained
  • Continuous protection from packing line to retail
  • Ideal Combination with MAP & Vacuum Pack to control ethylene inside packaging
  • Extremely cost-efficient, safe and user friendly
  • All our components meet ISO9001/2015 standards. ISO QMS enforced

Spécifications du produit:

Produit Weight gr Dimensions mm (in) C2H2 Max Absorption Capacity ppm Piece/Bag Bags/Case Pieces/Case
BXTS3 3 gr 60 x 50 (2.4 x 2) 15000 2500 1 2500
BXTS5 5 gr 70 x 50 (2.75 x 2) 25000 2000 1 2000
BXTS10 10 gr 80 x 50 (3.15 x 2) 48600 1200 1 1200

BXT Sachet

Instructions for Use

BioXTEND Sachets are best located inside the box or bag if applicable, on top of the commodities as shown in the pictures below:

Mise en garde

  • Do not open sachet
  • Ne mangez pas de contenu
  • Garder loin des enfants
  • Conserver dans un endroit frais et sec à l'abri du soleil
  • Conserver dans son emballage d'origine scellé lorsqu'il n'est pas utilisé
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