HVAC Modules

Product Description:

BioXTEND® BP12 & BP18 Plastic Modules - Replacement modules for the EthylGuard® Series of ethylene removal for HVAC units.


The BP12 & BP18 Modules have been developed to provide our customers with a method to quickly and cleanly, replace the media in the EthylGuard® Air Purification Units. These FULLY disposable & recyclable cartridges are designed for commercial and industrial applications.


The BP12 & BP18 modules may also be used as fully disposable and recyclable filters into coolers wherever the ETG units cannot be operated:
  • coolers which fans are located on the ceiling
  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) rooms dealing with high levels of built-up ethylene (long storage of Apples & Pears for instance…)

Key Benefits

  • Factory filling assures no air bypass of media
  • Reduced time to change pellets/media
  • Generates less mess than bulk media refilling
  • 100% recyclable high impact polystyrene
  • Fits perfectly in other brand systems