Product Description:

BioXTEND® BP12 & BP18 Plastic Modules - Replacement modules for the EthylGuard® Series of ethylene removal for HVAC units.


The BP12 & BP18 modules may also be used as fully disposable and recyclable filters into coolers wherever the ETG units cannot be operated:

  • coolers which fans are located on the ceiling
  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) rooms dealing with high levels of built-up ethylene (long storage of Apples & Pears for instance…)

Instructions for Use:

The BP12 & BP18 filters are a flexible solution to control large amounts of ETHYLENE produced during the LONG-TERM CA STORAGE OF APPLES AND PEARS without interfering in the fruit physiology

  • The Bp 12 filters should be placed in the Air stream
  • The modules must be placed as shown in the picture to ensure proper air flow and efficiency
  • The number of BP12 to use will depend on: Variety, storage period, quantity

Key Benefits

  • Controls ripening by removing ethylene
  • High performance filtration
  • Removes airborne microorganisms
  • Controls odor cross-contamination
  • Maintains fruit pressure
  • Helps with HACCP compliance
  • Approved for use with organic crops
  • Non-invasive - Non-polluting - Non-toxic
  • Cost-effective, safe, and user-friendly
  • Compatible with machines of other brands